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2014 Year-End Roundup: You’re Exhausted And You Might Not Realize It.

2014 Year-End Roundup: You’re Exhausted And You Might Not Realize It.

Every year is simultaneously completely different and totally the same. Year to year, the specifics and details are interchangeable but the broad strokes are always unavoidably present. A calendar year is made up of a sequence moments, big, small, and everything in between, and those moments are full of emotion. Where that emotion takes us all

Everyday Fouls, World Cup Soccer-Styled. (The Last Scene Is Amazing)

When I first saw the headline, “What if We Reacted to Everyday Situations Like World Cup Fouls?” – I started laughing almost immediately. The very first thing that came to mind was anything in the office during a normal workday. The amount of bumping into people that takes place. The amount of team projects that

Kids Playing With Mom’s Dildos Teaches Parents Gun Safety. (Mom’s A Freak)

Not that I have a thing for commercials, but I definitely have a thing for clearly demonstrated genius. This gun control commercial might have just hit the top of my list. I’m not very political one way or the other, but this isn’t really either. If you’re honest with yourself and remember your childhood at

Jesus Christ! Try and Top This Man’s Insanely High Selfie!

Co-founder of The Flash Pack, Lee Thompson was privileged enough to experience something I’ve only dreamed of. While in Brazil to cover the World Cup, he was granted rare access inside the Christ The Redeemer statue located in Rio De Janeiro. Since taking a cool selfie for all the internet to see is what the