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Magician Rob Anderson Is Back Again After Ripping Up War Veteran’s Sign…

Magician Rob Anderson Is Back Again After Ripping Up War Veteran’s Sign…

Las Vegas Magician Rob Anderson is known on his YouTube channel for fun stunts, but he’s getting a new rep. The talented magician has demonstrated his support in recent videos to support war vets. Most of you have probably seen his last video helping a war veteran on the streets.  That man was Alan McCracken, who served

Ambition: Littlefinger of GOT’s Amazing Secret Film Premiering Oct 24th

As a noun, ambition is a source of execution and takes a multitude of forms depending on who possesses it. It’s the drive to meet a goal and the vision to accomplishing it in a certain way. In recent history, we have witnessed a ton of product successes via what seemed to be very backwards

Mrs. Doubtfire Reimagined as a Horror Film is Actually Terrifying

Did you know that there is a sequel in the works? Mrs. Doubtfire 2 is on the near horizon and we’re looking back at this very memorable early 90’s comedic film. The plot to this film taken out of context could actually turn into a much darker and twisted storyline. Did we all mistake this

Star Wars VII Leaked Set Footage At Frankfurt Airport AKA Imperial Starport

Since the announcement of the Star Wars acquisition by Disney, the internet has been in a massive rush to churn out convincing content and call it footage from Episode VII. It seemed like in just mere days after the announcement, YouTube had hundreds of videos claiming to be the first trailer for the new Star

Holy Hell! This Guy Shot Up Heroin Right in the Middle of a Rap Battle!

Meet Cadalack Ron, a semi-known West Coast Battle Rap veteran from California. Does the name sound familiar? Probably not, his name just really started hitting headlines across the internet as the battle rapper who shot up heroin right in the middle of a rap battle. Crazy right!? And as opposed to Cadalack Ron falling into a