Taylor Swift in Lingerie at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The question of the evening is; “Will Taylor Swift be in lingerie at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?” Rhianna performed last year in a see through pink negligee,  and it would be  a total shocker to see Taylor in a thong! Move over Miley, someone more wholesome appeal could really steal your thunder if that happened!


Also performing were Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber at the 2012 show. This year, the line up is Swift, Fall Out Boy, Neon Jungle, and A Great Big World. I’m not too excited for any of those but I would watch this show with the volume off because it is pure eye candy! Here are some pictures from last year:

VS-2012-Fashion-Show-Rihanna4 VS-2012-Fashion-Show-Rihanna6 VS-2012-Fashion-Show-Rihanna3 VS-2012-Fashion-Show-Rihanna2 VS-2012-Fashion-Show-Rihanna1

The sunglasses were a fashion DON’T Rihanna but let’s see how Bieber compared:

Victoria’s-Secret-2012-Justin-Bieber3 Victoria’s-Secret-2012-Justin-Bieber2 Victoria’s-Secret-2012-Justin-Bieber6 Victoria’s-Secret-2012-Justin-Bieber5 Victoria’s-Secret-2012-Justin-Bieber4

I hope you all were distracted by the beautiful models and dazzling costumes and didn’t focus on the Biebs. It  was actually hard to find a picture of him where he didn’t look like a complete DB.  Sorry Beliebers. On to Bruno!

VS-Fashion-Show-2012-Bruno-Mars5 VS-Fashion-Show-2012-Bruno-Mars4 VS-Fashion-Show-2012-Bruno-Mars3 VS-Fashion-Show-2012-Bruno-Mars2 VS-Fashion-Show-2012-Bruno-Mars1

You can tell the models were swooning over Bruno! That last picture, of the model in the Native American garb actually caused enough controversy to have Victoria’s Secret issue an apology for any offense! The other outfit from the night causing a stir in the crowd was the Fantasy Bra, worn by Alessandra Ambrosio with a Floral Theme and having a value of $2.5 Million!


This year, the Fantasy bra will be worn by Candace Swanepoel; here is a sneak peek:


That bra is worth 4 times the one at the 2012 show! Visit this site for a look at the bras and who have worn them over the years. The 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show premiers TONIGHT at 10pm EST/9 Central time on CBS. Watch with me and let’s tweet about the hottest models!



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