The Best of this Friday’s Frisky Friday

There is a very popular hashtag worth exploring weekly. It only comes around near the end of the week on a lot of people’s favorite day – Friday. That hashtag is #FriskyFriday and it has sparked a cultural phenomenon where hot women share risque photos of themselves on Twitter and Instagram. As a society overall, I feel as if we are not truly appreciating the greatness of this hashtag and all of the joys it can bring.


The Frisky Friday hashtag showcases some of the best selfies that the internet has to offer. Now, not only do you need to look forward to Friday as the end of the week but you can also look forward to streaming through a feed of half nude selfies.






Happy Frisky Friday everyone! Like what you see? Comment below.

By: Pat Hanavan


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  1. robin thick said:

    fgpagadhfr[gaeiro!%@!#%4….damn it me penis keeps hit’n the key board

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