The Cool Kids – Rush Hour Traffic

If you know me, you know I put The Cool Kids higher than basically any hip hop artist out there. They would be a dream come true for people from audio production schools to work with. I’ve erased my ipod over and over again due to annoying new music that I’m tired of after 1 week. The Cool Kids are the first ones to find their way back.

No need to get all crazy and bang dreads or scream on a track. The simple delivery duo consistantly kill every track they are on. If you haven’t heard a full mixtape, download it. The easy beat & smooth flow will have you on a cloud before you know it. This track comes off of the duos album,When Fish Ride Bicycles, through Green Label Sound. Go pick up this album right now if you have not done so

I haven’t even touched on the video yet. I mean seriously I haven’t seen a music video done this well in a long time. Nothing short of impressive.


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