The Strip District and New Nightlife

Who remembers the golden days? When Faded Industry first started hosting events in Pittsburgh, they all took place in the Strip District. Pittsburgh’s Mecca of Nightlife Entertainment. As time passed though, the trends shifted and the strip became a desolate area of forgotten fun. If tumbleweeds existed in Pittsburgh, they would have hung out in the Strip at night.

After a few years of nothing, the Strip is finally starting to rebound. Night clubs are making a comeback and the dangerous reputation of the area no longer exists. With so many people avoiding the youngness of the South Side and looking for something new, it’s time to revisit the Strip District! One of the best reasons to make a change and see what’s new, parking. The Strip District has plenty of it and you do not have to worry about your car getting damaged by some drunk kid who just had his first beer.

Transforming an old building within the historic Strip District into a beautiful restaurant lounge and night club, CAVO is the spot to check out this weekend. Tonight they celebrate their 1st Annual Black & White Party, an upscale approach to nightlife in Pittsburgh encouraging black and white attire.

Tonight would be a good night to check out this brand new spot in the Strip. Next week we will be announcing some news and just may have some good events coming up at this venue.

If you are stopping through tonight, hit me up!


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