This Taiwanese Student is the Cardboard Master!

A young Taiwanese student named Kai-Xiang Xhong is slicing and gluing together some incredible pieces of art with an interesting medium. Xhong is a cardboard master and is responsible for creating a life size cardboard replica of the Iron Man suit, a light up cardboard Godzilla, and many, many other fantastic sculptures. And these are just a few of them, he has many more on his Facebook page.


Cardboard is an interesting medium to master but luckily for Xhong, there are very few who will master this style of art. That leaves an incredible opportunity for profit. Good for him. Imagining a cardboard Iron Man is hilarious in itself. I am picturing it as if Tony Stark ended up losing all of his money, either from bankruptcy or some crazy woman taking it all, and he just couldn’t let the Iron Man persona go. So he builds his cardboard suit and tries to fight crime, only instead of being able to fly and shoot things from his hands, he is able to drink a bottle of Jack Daniels and throw it at the fire hydrant he’s in an argument with. Poor Tony…

horse-card-art transformers-card-art lion-art iron-man-


CardbIronman-Suit-2 godzilla-lite-up godzilla-light-up godzilla-art-figure godzilla-art godzilla-blue-lght godzilla-cardb-art godzilla-cloae godzilla-card dragon- cat-cardboard cat-cardboard-sculpture art-godzilla alien-cardboard

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By: Pat Hanavan


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