Top 20 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials

The top 20 Sexiest Super Bowl commercials of all time have withstood the test of time. Of course most of us look forward to the Super Bowl, but some of us look forward to the commercials even more. The commercials range from being funny, weird, sad, and of course sexy. You will have your fair share of top 20 commercial lists, but some commercials become transcendent by withstanding the test of time. The 2014 commercials were not considered, but these are the best of the rest. These are the commercials that may have stuck in your mind a little longer.

20. The Kiss (Go Daddy)

It may be more weird than sexy, but it had to be on the list. This commercial gives every guy watching the hope they can aim higher. If it can happen for this kid it can happen to you. (Probably Not)

19. Yoga (Bud Light)

Everyone should take up yoga on a more regular basis. Good exercise and good scenery.

18. Gladiators (Bud Light)

This was a powerhouse Super Bowl commercial. Stars like Spears, Pink, and Beyonce make this one of the sexiest alone. Add in that they are dressed like gladiators takes it to a whole new level. Maybe we were all born in the wrong generation?

17. Paris Hilton (Carl Jr’s)

There is just something about a girl and her food. I don’t know how many girls eat burgers while washing cars, but this commercial proves it does exist. Be on the look out and snap a video for us.

16. Volleyball Season (Visa)

Playing volleyball in the snow never seemed more fun. I wouldn’t recommend playing in the snow, but it might not be too bad to watch in the snow. U-S-A at it’s best.

15. Banned Commercial (Peta Veggie)

I try to stay away from banned commercials because being sexy is why they are banned. This list could be filled with banned commercials, so I only chose a few. Most of you should start eating more vegetables.

14. Kim Kardashian(Sketchers)

This eventually got banned too from being aired during the super bowl, but it didn’t get banned from this list. Kim has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years and performances like this give you answers why.

13. Nothing Beats An Astronaut (Axe)

Granted the best part of this commercial is the astronaut, but the cute girl on the beach comes in at a close second.

12. Laundromat (Doritos)

This commercial makes plenty of top lists. It may be better in 3D, but the effect is still as strong. A very worthwhile trip to the Laundromat.

11. Girl Fight (Miller Lite)

There is just something about two girls fighting and Miller Light does it right for their audience. The music adds an interesting twist.

10. Brittany Spears (Pepsi)

How could Brittany Spears not make this list somewhere? She was the 90’s it girl making it impossible for her not to appear in a super bowl ad at some point. This was her prime, but I bet most guys still wouldn’t mind sharing their pepsi with her today.

9. Hot Sauce (Tabasco)

Tabasco is already hot, but this made it slightly hotter. Definitely worth a top 10 mention.

8. Round 2 (Miller Light)

This is why guys should come up with most super bowl commercials. Probably every guy comes up with a similar commercial every weekend out at the bar. I guess you don’t need to be in a bar for that though.

7. Megan Fox (Motorola)

Every one check your phones. Megan Fox in the tub? Enough said. Probably too many bubbles for most people’s liking.

6. Cindy Crawford (Pepsi)

This goes way back to 1993, but like wine this commercial aged well. Pepsi knows how to make a good commercial. The iconic Cindy Crawford comes out of nowhere to make these two little boy’s day. I guess even in the middle of no where things do happen.

5. Kate Upton (Carl Jr’s)

Surprised that two burger commercials made the list? It’s not your normal burger commercial. I’m going to assume she doesn’t eat too many large hamburgers on the regular.

4. Trial and Error? (Go Daddy)

GoDaddy could have had more, but at some point they become uonoringal. There are just some that have to go on the list. They have done a good job mixing sexy with business. All businesses need a little more sexy.

3. Sweet Dreams (Kia Motors)

Dream world has never been so appealing. A dream world filled with cars, fighting, sandwiches, and some of the sexiest girls in bikinis should top most lists.

2. Happy Valentine’s Day (Victoria Secret)

How could Victoria Secret not make the list. They make underwear, so it was inevitable. Throw in some football references and you have yourself an amazing sexy super bowl commercial. Seems pretty easy.

1. Annnnnd Twins (Coors Light)

Alright this one came out a little before the Super Bowl in 2002, but this defines a football commercial. It blends football, sexy, tailgating, passion, and twins all in one commercial. If you can think of one sexy commercial in your lifetime it would be hard to omit this one from the list. When you see this commercial the first four words that come to mind are “I love this song.” The next two are “And Twins.”

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