Top 5 Casino Superstitions

The top 5 casino superstitions

The online casino industry is one of the widely used forms of entertainment today, with millions of players across the globe logging onto the different casino portals each day to play their favorite table, card and video slot games. In addition, some plays at their favorite buzz bingo games, spending their time, having fun and winning huge rewards.

Since the casino portals were established in the 90’s, the industry has grown to become one of the most lucrative industry. A report by the UK Gambling Commission estimated that last year alone, the casino industry in the UK generated more than €4.5 billion – a figure which is set to grow, mostly because of the new technological advancements such as the use of mobile devices to game as well as the introduction of Virtual Reality devices friendly with mobile devices such as Samsung.

With such high stakes involved, it doesn’t surprise us that the casino industry attracts criticism, with skeptics more so spouting myths about the credibility of the online casinos. In our opinion, we think it’s such a great shame that most of the people interested in trying out the different games online miss out on enjoying the amazing services and bonuses, mostly because of poor information, or their lack of detailed research into the different topics.

This is why we have put together this post, in which we explode some of the top 5 casino superstitions surrounding the casino industry, and help you, our reader separate the facts from myths.

Winning at a casino depends greatly on luck!

When it comes to online casino gaming, it’s never always about sheer luck! Take a look at Casino Bushi, explaining what it needs to take to become professional at online casinos.

While we must admit that some of the casino games such as video slots, greatly depend on luck, there are plenty of other games that require you to have a better understanding and a well-worked out strategy to increase your chances of winning. This means – contrary to popular belief – it’s never about luck!

A good example of such as game is video poker. As far as video poker is concerned, the more games you play, the higher the chances of winning the game. This is because playing the game more often than not enables you to develop your unique strategy and become proficient at selecting your cards right!

Players who choose to play video poker online must especially become more skilful more than their land-based counterparts, since adopting a Poker Face is never an option when you cannot see other players!

Casinos have foul play through number-rigging!

Dodgy bonuses and fixed games – these are just some of the charges leveled against the online and mobile casinos, where most of the skeptics believe they rip off bettors. It’s however not hard to see where this kind of shite reasoning comes from: you create the bonuses and games, you can offer them as you please!

Well, in our honest opinion, it’s never as simple or as easy as that!

All the games that are offered at the online and brick and mortar casinos, depend on a software referred to as a Random Number Generator. This is a software that generates numbers randomly, which decides the outcome of the spin, the roll of a dice, or the card that will be drawn from a 52 card deck for the online casinos and the result of the roulette spin for the land based casinos.

For any casino operator and software developer, the RNG software has to be verified by an independent 3rd party such as eCOGRA, meaning that the casino’s don’t have any leg room for swindling off players, as long as you only play at a site that’s been certified to be safe!

Casinos are always watching you

There is no denying the fact that casinos are filled with cameras all over, and everything at the floor is being monitored. Right from the moment you walk into the casino, all the eyes will be on you: the widespread security teams at some of the large casinos can even watch every hand at every table if they want to, and they are always watching players who try counting cards in Blackjack.

This large presence of the security team has become one of the main source of the myth that behind the scenes agents, who can watch you play at the different slot machines, can alter the patterns of the games, and consequently prevent you from winning. It’s true that the machines as computerized, but as we’ve mentioned above, the results are determined using the Random Number Generator.

There is also this rumor that you’ll be removed from a casino if you are winning too much money at the table. Contrary to this belief, you’ll only be ejected if you are doing something suspicious. As a matter of fact, casinos encourage players to win big as it creates a good reputation for them!

Casino Bonuses aren’t awarded fairly, hence no point of claiming them!

As far as the casino bonuses are concerned, we can say that this is much more of an opinion instead of a myth! However, there are some inconsistent bits of logic linked with this which makes most people view it as a myth!

Basically, most of the bettors point at the fact that the conversion caps and wagering requirements make it very difficult for players to claim the bonus money awarded to them. While this might be true, for most of the online casinos, it is not impossible to emerge victorious after claiming the bonuses, and we still recommend that you claim them whenever you can.

In fact, there are people who believe that the odds shift in favour of the online casino if you choose to claim the bonus. This makes it very difficult for you to win, especially if you are playing using bonus money. We’d recommend finding the best online casino games rather than looking to get an advantage over the bonus terms on offer. For some of the best casino bonuses, we highly suggest that you read the bonus terms and conditions first to get a clear picture of what to expect. Compare the terms with other casinos and only settle for websites that have fair terms.

Casinos pump oxygen to their floors to keep bettors awake

It’s a myth that stems from the notion that if you are fresh and alert, you will constantly spend more money at the casino, which is what the casinos want. This makes sense, except for the notion that the different casinos pump oxygen into their buildings.

Think of it from the amount of money and resources that the casino will be required to spend daily to pump millions of liters of oxygen at the floors? Would that be a viable business idea? Would the end justify the means? Of course not!


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