Twerk in this: The Macacao as seen on Eva Andressa!

We introduced the Macacao the other day in the Brazilian Yoga Pants post, so if you didn’t check that out, now is the time! Once you are prepped on the definition,  let’s take a closer look at hot babes wearing them including fitness model Eva Andressa!


From my many hours spent researching hot girls in macacaos, I have discovered that the clothing item comes in many variations.  They can be full pants, shorter capri style, Bermuda short length, and even skirted. However, they ALL show every curve of the body! See some examples below:

fitwear39 fitwear35 fitwear21 fitwear03 fitwear01

Some of these seem straight of the 80’s with the bold prints and colors.   A few of the patterns are a little scary to be honest, but a hot model can make anything look good!

fitwear17 fitwear16 SONY DSC fitwear36 fitwear32 fitwear30 fitwear29

There are some solid color designs (and of course pink ones!) that I definitely like. I mean, you can pretty much join the Fantastic Four after putting one on. You are always ready for superhero stuff in a leotard right?

fitwear25 fitwear26

Aside from bold prints, I have a big fear of camel toe if I were to wear a macacao. Don’t think I didn’t notice a lot of these women are doing the front leg twist to hide the crotch area. There is no hiding the drawback of CT!

fitwear33 fitwear41 fitwear02

A plus is that these seem perfect to twerk in. I think I am pretty much convinced that I should get one. I want to look like these girls:

fitwear27 fitwear04 fitwear15 fitwear13 fitwear10fitwear06

If you were wondering; real girls are wearing these in public. Just creep instagram if you don’t believe me.


As promised, we found pictures of fitness model Eva Andressa wearing them! We featured Eva here on Faded Industry not too long ago. You should probably take a closer look at that post right HERE after looking at the rest of these pics!

eva andressa eva andressa 2 eva andressa 3 eva andressa 4 fitwear09

Keep scrolling, there’s more Brazilian workout clad booty to ogle:

fitwear40 fitwear34 fitwear28 fitwear24 fitwear23 fitwear22 fitwear20 fitwear19 fitwear14 fitwear12 fitwear07 fitwear05

So are you convinced macacaos are hot? Would you want to see girls in your local gym wearing them? Or would you stage a fashion intervention if your loved one walked out of the house dressed in one? Comment below or tweet me what you think!



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