UGGS make me go UGGH!

If you know me, you know I despise the footwear craze: “UGGS.”  Now, I have two reasons for this. One, they make you look like you have “BLOB FOOT:” a condition known to such attractive creatures as the abominable snowman and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Two, they… no, you know what, reason number one is enough.

Go ahead, Google the Abominable Snowman. Look closely, because I am pretty sure the Uggs shown above are replicas of his feet.

In the words of my fellow Ugg-Despiser: @Mexcillent “Wearing Uggs is like burning the outside of a delicious steak. You know what’s under the charred exterior but it’s just not worth it. Feet are important, and it is my belief that girls who don’t take pride in what they slip their feet into are no better than some burned piece of hide that is too tough to chew through. ”

You may think that statement is a bit harsh, but let’s get to the meat of the subject. If you are in the Promotional Modeling industry,  you should care about how attractive you are perceived. Your employer certainly does.   Many promotional companies have stringent rules for the footwear their models are allowed to wear during an event/promotion. As the Promotional Model Manager for Premier Innovations Group, I  have only one.


Wearing these awful boots subtracts at least 1 point on the ten point scale of perceived attractiveness. Trust me, people are going to notice what is on a Promotional Model’s  feet. Even more important (than how your feet look), potential customers are going to notice your sloppy posture as your trudge around a bar in your blob feet.

What can you do? Watch this video for a way to vaccinate yourself & the women you know against Uggs and stay tuned for my next blog on what makes wearing heels so sexy!

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  1. Lizzo_04 said:

    As a person who is in the fashion industry (retail & writing) I agree fully with Damaris’ statements. I have NEVER been into the Ugg trend personally or professionally. I watch girls with an array of different kinds of Uggs (and UGG knock offs) that look exactly like Yetti feet (come on, you really need fur on your boots girls?) While I have almost fallen into the trend, I have thankfully never taken that step off the deep end.

    And PS to Mr. Ugh: You sound like a bastard.

  2. puff said:

    UGGs should be worn around the house as slippers…but if you take them anywhere (except for the gym) it’s TACKY!
    i understand… they’re warm & comfy & effortless
    but they do look awfully strange.
    i’m a show fiend. I can’t except the “bland slipper quality” they have. Not to mention they do look like MOON BOOTS

    I do like overly large fuzzy feet. But only on Puppies or my Bratz Dolls (yes i have them)

    I will never stop loving you, or ever judge you for wearing them, but they aren’t my choice. Ugh

  3. Mexcillent said:

    puff, 4real ur makin somegood ppoints. ive talkd bout uggs so many tims on twitter its pretty funney lol. hopefully no1 will get mad at me :-X

  4. Anon said:

    I’d love to see a male walk around in heels in the cold or snow. It’s not about being sexy all of the time. This post is sexist and it blows my mind how the opposite sex expects for females to be nothing but a sex symbol at all times.

    • vetalas said:

      My brain hurts at this being sexist… for a woman who works with models to be holding them to a higher standard than normal women… :facepalm:

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