Valentine’s Day Massacre Concert at Diesel

The Valentine’s Day Massacre Concert is coming up at Diesel Club Lounge on Friday February 15th. Faded Industry has teamed up with Deadicated Clothing to put together this concert as well as host Deadicated Clothing‘s Official Release Party. The show starts at 6pm, be ready to party!

Deadicated Clothing

The Valentine’s Day Massacre Full Event Details are posted up now! Also, pre-sale tickets available online now!

Belie My Burial

While many bands in the genre continue to stay safe in the harbor, Belie My Burial sends the fleet full ahead, soundtracking the conquest with assaulting drums and sinister guitar work. “The Greyman” and “Tomb of Reason” deal serious damage, heavy and untried, while “Paper Idol” is technical and malicious. Unwavering, the Belie My Burial EP is an album as unrelenting as it is vicious.

Never Established

Never Established. Joining in 2012 overcoming everyday hurdles, they are looking to take the next step in the music industry. Signing with Brutal Tooth Records they are planning on releasing their ep entitled ‘The Apocalypse’ in spring 2013. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter- @the_real_NE.

50 Caliber Dream

Pennsylvanian quintet 50 Caliber Dream is out to make your acquaintance with their debut release “The Plot Against”. Forming in 2008, 50 Caliber Dream has blazed their way from stage to stage proving that their worth among distinguished touring acts and local treasures alike with their brand of chaotic metalcore. Proudly sporting a no “tough guy” or prima donna attitude, these guys are committed to shattering every misconception one has about metal/hardcore bands. Bolstering dynamic and energetic stage shows, an intense yet hilarious stage presence, and an iron-clad DIY work ethic the band dedicates itself to grabbing your attention and not letting go until you become a believer.

“The Plot Against” is the culmination of years of hard work resonating with all the good and bad experiences of a band whose members want nothing more than for people to have fun and enjoy a style of music that offers so many memories and sense of community. So get comfortable because this band is not going anywhere without leaving it’s mark.

All event details and ticket information is posted! If you need anything else, hit me up!


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