Who is Ready for Faded Fest 2013?

Mark it down now, Faded Fest 2013 is happening Saturday July 27th! The largest├é┬álocal showcase to ever hit Pittsburgh again returns to it’s original home in Station Square! Faded Fest will take over Barroom, Saddle Ridge, Beach Club and their outdoor decks for another great concert series. Get ready because every year we try to make the event bigger and better. Tickets are on sale now!

What is Faded Fest?


Faded Fest is the largest all ages and all day concert event showcasing Pittsburgh’s local music scene with the best up and coming talent that this city has to offer. Now in it’s 7th year, the event is getting bigger and bigger with each passing year. Faded Fest transforms the Station Square nightclub complex into 3 separate connected venues with two outside decks to feature talent from all over. With hallway access connecting each of the individual venues, Faded Fest allows for multiple genres of music to simultaneously perform producing Pittsburgh’s largest local showcase.


Come see and support your favorite bands while being introduced to new bands, artists, as well as different genres. Faded Fest fuses together Pittsburgh’s scattered music scene with this one event by pairing all of these artists with a crowd of people they may have never been exposed to.

Who is Performing at Faded Fest?


The artist list is filling up fast, the full line up will be updated as more and more artists begin to sign up on the Faded Fest Facebook Event. If you are an artist looking to perform at Faded Fest, you need to visit the Artist Sign-Up and fill out the form.

How do I Purchase Tickets?


Tickets for Faded Fest are on sale now. You can purchase tickets for the event by visiting the Store on FadedIndustry.com or by getting in contact with your favorite local artist who is performing at the event.

Any questions, comment below, visit FadedFest.com or hit us up!


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