Why I Fear Clowns: Vintage Clowns Are Scary as F…

In the basement of my childhood home was where it all started. I’d sneak down there often to watch my movies seeking solitude also in the hopes of avoiding chores — out of sight, out of mind. I thrived on fear, the couch I sat on faced the TV in the corner of the room leaving my back exposed to attack from what ever imaginary monster my adolescent mind could conjure. A mistake that has taken the better half of my lifetime to overcome…

The 2-part television premiere of Stephen King’s IT aired on November 18 and November 20 back in 1990 and alone in the basement is where I watched it. I was 6 years old at the time, too young to realize I was unknowingly scarring myself for life. “Hiya Georgie! Aren’t you gonna say, hello?” is the scene that introduced me to Pennywise the Dancing Clown and a decade of intense and unnecessary coulrophobia.

Clowns are feared by many and for damn good reasons. Your fear — just as mine — may have started in the early 90’s with Pennywise the Dancing Clown or it could have been a result of growing up in Chicago during the mid-70’s being exposed to Pogo the Clown. However it came to be, just know that it is completely justified. Clowns have been dated all the way back to 2400 BC, the early days of Egypt, meaning clowns have been casting fear into the hearts of children long before the bible was even written.

So, why do I fear clowns? That can all be attributed to Pennywise but also just take a look, clowns are scary as F, especially in black and white:




5-together-creepy 19th-century 1937 balloons-on-bench cliffert clown-Albert-Flo-White-in-Sarasota-1940s-via-floridamemory.com_ clown-pic creepy-clown-probably-a-rapist

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hand-hat clown-couple

feeet-up freaks-from-the-past-46-pics_27 hand-hat haunting-photo in-mirror jim-and-geo les-decars-happy-sad les-deffireli les-olcao-ricard les-price midget-circus-act midget-smoking sad-circus the-byrons scary-clown vintage-scary-kid-costume


Clown Fun Fact: They can smell you better when you’re asleep.

By: Pat Hanavan



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