Why Slot Games Are Addictive

Slot machines are indicated as the most addictive form of gambling. But why are they so addictive? If you can’t get enough, play now at Thor Slots! Otherwise, check out a few of the factors that contribute to the addictive nature of slot machines.

Huge Slot Game winning potential

When you spin that slot and you are waiting for the reels to stop, there is this uncontrollable feeling excitement and anticipation. When those reels finally stop to reveal a winning combination, you feel so good. To experience the feeling yourself, visiting https://www.umbingo.com is a great thing to do.  Experience it yourself! The slot machine itself contributes to this feeling, as each win is often accompanied by music, bright lights, and digital coins flying everywhere. That one win creates hope and keeps you coming back.

Small stake bets on Slots

Slot machines make you believe that you don’t lose much; after all it is just a coin. However, all those coins add up. And because the bets are so small you think nothing of inserting just one more credit.

Exciting Slots game design

According to research colours and colour combinations not only impact the gaming experience, but can also influence a player’s behaviour. So those fruity slots might not be as innocent as they appear. Most likely they were created with the sole purpose of influencing players’ behaviour.

Easy to play Games

Online slot machines are games of chance. No skills whatsoever are involved, which means that anyone can play. You simply push a button that sets the reels in motion, and then you wait for the outcome. There is no need for practice or to study any rules (as would be the case with a beginner blackjack or poker player).

Modern features

Slots have changed a great deal over the years. From your traditional 3-reel fruit slots to gothic themed video slots, complete with a back-story and accompanying music. Apart from the modern design there are also new features such as wild cards, scatters and bonus rounds. Each new slot is better than the last.


Technology has forever changed the way in which we play slots. The emergence of online casino gaming, brought easy accessibility to casino games. Online casino games can now not only be played on computers, but also mobiles and tablets. Most people carry their mobiles with them everywhere, meaning they have access to online slots 24/7. So time that would normally be spent idly, e.g. standing in a queue at the supermarket, now turns into a quick slot machine session.

More opportunities to win

Modern slots are structurally different from the traditional slot machines. The traditional fruity slot machine had only three reels, but modern slots have five, seven or even nine reels. But do more reels increase your odds of winning? Not really. Whilst they may offer more winning symbol combinations (i.e. more chances to win), it is harder to match up nine symbols than it is to match up three. The difficulty level thus increases with the amount of reels. However, most casinos place the emphasis on the possible winning combinations which attracts more players. Most players choose slots with more reels because they want to win bigger; not realising that it is actually decreases their odds of hitting the jackpot.


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