World Record Deadlift of 1128 pounds!

This weekend I headed out to Columbus Ohio with Integrated Fitness for the Arnold Sports Festival. The Arnold Classic is one of the most prestigious titles in professional bodybuilding, and 2013 marked it’s 25th Anniversary. While at the Arnold Sports festival, I got to meet numerous fitness models, UFC fighters, and also was able to witness a world record deadlift live as Mark Felix pulled 1128 pounds!

Mark Felix shatters last year’s world record deadlift at the 2013 Arnold Strongman Competition. This incredible deadlift is 1128 pounds the heaviest deadlift in human history. Felix previously ripped off his shirt in celebration shattering the deadlift record by lifting 1122 pounds. He knew he had more in him and he destroyed the record he set just minutes earlier.

Mark Felix is a strongman competitor and regular entrant to the World’s Strongest Man Competition. Felix has won numerous international grip contests, including the Rolling Thunder World Championships in 2008 & 2009, as well as the Vice Grip Viking Challenge in 2011 and 2012. Felix has also held the Rolling Thunder world record since 2008, as well as the Captains of Crush “COC” Silver Bullet world record. Due largely in part to his grip achievements, Felix is widely regarded as having the strongest grip in the world.

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  1. Dart said:

    While this deadlift is, of course, an amazing feat, I’m surprised that it was accepted as official. You can see how much the bar is sagging as Felix holds it. Therefore he was not lifting the full weight until the entire weight was off of the ground. You can see at 0:25 that the end tires are still touching the ground even though at this point Felix has straightened up noticeably. That means that at this point he is still not lifting the entire weight. Since the start of a deadlift is the hardest part and gets easier as you straighten up and gain leverage, this gave him a little bit of an unfair advantage over a completely legitimate lift.

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